3 Places Business Travellers Get the Best Bang for Their Buck in Philadelphia

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3 Places Business Travellers Get the Best Bang for Their Buck in Philadelphia

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 06/21/16

Turning a business trip into a vacation really depends on where you’re being sent. The perfect destination is composed of a number of factors, but in nearly all categories, Philadelphia seems to fit the bill of just that: the best city in the world offers up a rich history with plenty to do, see and eat. Not to mention it’s the soon-to-be home to the luxury corporate suites for business travellers at The Royal Athena.

Here are some places around town you can get the best bang for your buck as a business traveller on a budget:

Eats: Oyster House Happy Hours

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Like you’d find at The Royal Athena, Oyster House in Philadelphia offers class at an affordable price. Who doesn’t appreciate a good buck-a-shuck? Impress your local clients with not only your knowledge of the best deal in the city, but a top-of-the-line seafood dinner and drinks experience — all without running up the bill on the company card. See all of Oyster House’s specials here.

Hangout: Main Street Manayunk

 Just a quick walk over the Pencoyd Bridge and you’ll find yourself immersed in one of Philadelphia’s hottest nightlife scenes: Main Street in Manayunk. The youthful energy bar-goers find in spots like Mad River, Kildare’s and the Bayou will have anyone feeling like they’re 22 again. And because the key demographic is mostly composed of college grads, drink specials are common at these bars. You’ll never have to break the bank to have a great night out.

Did we mention The Royal Athena residents will get exclusive access to the aforementioned Pencoyd Bridge?

Room and Board: The Royal Athena

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Image: https://www.facebook.com/theroyalathena/

This one is so obvious. We may be partial, but discovering the luxury living at The Royal Athena’s fully furnished corporate housing rentals at the price you’ll find it is prepped to be unparalleled. Inside your corporate suite you’ll find spacious living rooms, fully equipped kitchens, master bedrooms with king size beds and contemporary baths. Out and about the building the amenities are endless: a pool with cabanas, media room, club lounge, coffee bar and far more.

It’s truly a place that can make an average business trip one step closer to a dream vacation. Find the corporate housing provider you’re looking for today, here at The Royal Athena.

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