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The Royal Athena Launches a New Website

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 04/20/17

We Did It! Thanks to the collective hard work of our team and friends, we're proud to say that we've successfully launched our new website! What's Next? Stay-tuned for the latest updates as we continuously update our website with new photos, content, events, and more! How Can I Stay Up to Date? Make sure you signup to our email list for events, promotions, and other things happening around the neighborhood.

Jane Lipton, the Executive Director of Manayunk Development Corporation, is excited about the niche that The Royal Athena is hoping to fill in what is already one of Philadelphia’s hottest neighborhoods. “I look at The Royal Athena and I look at it as an easy extension of Manayunk,” she says, “mostly because of that entryway over the Pencoyd Bridge. Because of the fact that many residents will be coming over the Pencoyd instead...

The Whole New World in Northwest Philadelphia

Posted by Nicholas Cerminara on 04/13/16

It’s official: Philadelphia is cool again. The hip metropolis has been blossoming during the past two decades; a gentrified renaissance of sorts. The change is everywhere, but head to Northwest Philly and you’ll find a change happening in Manayunk and Bala Cynwyd, an area full of millennial potential and a unique urban-suburban mixture. And while you’re there, look no further than the luxury real estate at The Royal Athena to find the perfect contemporary...

We’re going to let you in on a (not so well-kept) secret: The Philadelphia area is a hot place to live right now. It’s so hot, in fact, that Philadelphia magazine recently dedicated its March 2016 cover story to guiding readers to the 30 best local properties that people on the hunt for a new home should check out. Given The Royal Athena’s luxury apartments, resort-like amenities and vibrant local...

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